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Water and lemon for breakfast

Lemon is at the top foods that contain the most antioxidants ...

Lemon is at the top foods that contain the most antioxidants. Thanks to citric acid, it neutralizes the toxins and their effects, accelerating the breakdown of fats and improves assimilation of nutrients. Lemon contains selenium and vitamins C and B, and increases the immune system and slows aging. Drink a glass of lemonade as soon as you wake up in the winter to prevent disease and improve mood. If the "pure" lemonade too sour yet for your taste, add it a little orange juice or honey. Although the benefits of water on the health of the body speaks and writes more than ever, the time is right to remind us, however a few basic facts. Water dissolves and transports nutrients throughout the body, in a certain way of regulating the bodys functions, the work of individual organs and the organism as a whole, eliminating toxins from the body and maintains body temperature. Without enough liquid begins to feel fatigue and headache, and lack of water is particularly visible on the skin. Water keeps our skin supple, elastic, and, above all, young.

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