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The capital of Armenia

Erevan (Yerevan) is the largest and capital city of Armenia. In 2007., Yerevan population is estimated at 1,107,800 inhabitants ...

Erevan (Yerevan) is the largest and capital city of Armenia. In 2007., Yerevan population is estimated at 1,107,800 inhabitants, while aglomerizacijsko area has about 1,245,700 inhabitants, which is more than 42% of the total population of the country. Yerevan is located in the Central-West part of Armenia, on the northeastern edge of the Ararat valley. The city is built on seven hills, which gives a special look Yerevan since some of his fourth on the hills, and some in the valleys. The city is characterized by a large height difference between its parts, which ranges from 865 meters in height, up to 1390 meters.

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