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Photographing Nature

Light, color, clouds, weather and time of day - all affect the image of the landscape - but probably the most fundamental impact of a composition of images

Light, color, clouds, weather and time of day - all affect the image of the landscape - but probably the most fundamental impact of a composition. Here are some instructions on how to achieve the best results: * Arrange the composition of the recording in the viewfinder - the camera with standard lens can capture so much can your eye. Avoid shots of distant scenery with flat foreground with no features and a blank sky in the background. * To get a sense of depth, use fences, low stone walls, paths and hedges in the foreground. * Choose a visually exciting object as the focal point of interest, say the old country house or a bare tree in winter. * Centered images of the landscape they know to look bored. Try to create a composition with the main characteristics of off-center or to one side. Climb up the wall or kneel to get the more interesting angle. * "Rule of thirds" is often used by painters, will help you achieve a satisfactory visual balance. Imagine the lines that divide an image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally, as a grid in the game "cross-circle." Try to arrange the main object and less interesting features along the imaginary lines or their intersections. Four sjecišne strongest points are the center of the image of interest. Try to create a composition of the picture so that the horizon, or the edge of the field lies along one of the imaginary horizontal line. * Avoid shooting landscapes in bright midday sun. The best time is early morning or late afternoon when the shadows are longer. Dawn and dusk provide a particularly interesting play of light. If you shoot while the sun is high, use a lens hood to protect the lens from the bright light. For sharper images, use a small aperture (high "f" number) and less sensitive film - ISO 64-100 should give good results, but it is possible to obtain much less sensitive film, ISO 25 and 50 In shots with long exposure, use a tripod to reduce camera shake. If you have a 35 mm camera with variable settings, you can adjust the color or tonal contrast by placing the filter over the lens. Filters for contrast, is used only when shooting black and white film. With these details stand out more clearly. Ultraviolet Filter Use it to avoid negative light bluish haze that often distorts seascapes, lakes and landscape photographs taken at high altitudes. Constantly he can keep the camera in order to protect the lens. Polarizing Filter strong reflections that are mirrored in the water or shiny surfaces reduces the polarization filter, which can also be used to make the sky darker done. When buying filters, Make sure your camera. Using filters for contrast and polarization filters require an extension of exposure to one or two values ​​on a scale exposure.

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