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How to run a diesel in the winter

How to run a diesel in the winter Launching diesel fuel in cold weather can be very annoying, especially if she had not prepared for low temperatures

Customize diesel in cold weather can be very annoying, especially if you are not ready even at low temperatures Weak batteries can not turn the engine when the temperature drops, reducing the capacity of the battery is full. Power at about 27 ° C and -18 ° C was only 46% power. In addition, the battery is 2.5 times harder to start the engine at -18 ° C thickened oil and resistance to various internal parts due to freezing. As a result, you will be about 5 times difficult to ignite the car at -18 ° C than at 27 ° C. Thus, before the temperature below zero, check the battery status, to save yourself problems later. If the battery should be replaced, of course. replace it with the same or better than before Remember that when you start the car turn off all devices that draw power from batteries - radio, air conditioning -.
diesel ignite the glow plug light comes long. indicator., candles and hot First, turn the key to the position - then it will be on all light -. Wait until the candle goes out and turn the key on to start the engine
candles can also heat the 2 - 3 times - some believe it helps, while others do not -. To do this, turn the key half-order light candle goes out, turn it to zero and again at half time only 2-3 after attempting to start the engine heats up - .. right after the lights went out -.!
engine starts while holding down the clutch In addition, turn off all appliances that use electricity - air, radio, lights, etc. -.
off the engine for about 2-3 seconds and then to zero, and again heated screw 2-3 times before moving on to the next trying to ignite the car.
during cold weather to use the heater injection. glow plugs heat the combustion chamber. If the temperature in the combustion chamber is too low, can not lead to ignition of fuel injected. Long and inefficient lighting a car can cause damage to the candle and the cylinder head.
In the winter, especially care about fuel quality. no oil fueling the unknown places, and when the oil price seems to be suspiciously low. known and branded stations uszlachetniaczy add fuel to prevent paraffin deposition.
During cold weather, always ride with full Baku to prevent accumulation of water. integrated water can freeze and block the flow of fuel to the engine. blocked or even limited quantities of fuel to the engine and prevents cracking order to avoid gelation of oil to add special additives to enhance it for the winter -. like skydd Diesel Wynns Diesel Cetane + - at gas stations -. Instead uszlachetniaczy special fuel you can add a little fuel in the tank. ON Oil Additives can be bought at petrol stations - cost about 15-20 PLN -.
keep the vehicle - if you have the opportunity - in the garage , shed, shelter, barn or any other room where the temperature is higher than outside. only a few degrees difference in temperature makes the car will start faster and easier. hotter the more you have to start the car battery. warmer oil is less, and it will be easier start the engine. Make sure you use good quality oil if you can not keep the car in a heated room to install the engine block heater -. electric heater combustion engine block, otherwise - heating of the motor -.
If you are concerned that the oil is frozen, change the fuel filter and warm the oil - wait for warmer, install the heater, put the car in a heated room -. before you start the engine oil gelled fuel filter will block the flow of fuel injection pump, so it will be impossible to start the engine
After lighting. diesel during the cold, before moving on to the engine to warm up for several minutes. correct temperature will prevent the engine from damage.

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