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The formalities completed after buying a used car

The formalities completed after buying used car buying a car is only just the beginning of rush

Just ..
car purchase is just the beginning of rush after signing the purchase contract will have to arrange some formalities
date of purchase if not OC more, you should buy a 30 - day liability insurance policy will be able to get home to wheels If you do not want to continue and wanted to change the insurer does not need to talk - .. it is not updated automatically if you do not want to buy such insurance - remains the only tow truck, but the OC is important and so you have to register.
within 14 days from the date of purchase of the car should go to a proper home for your tax office and pay the tax on civil law. In case the car is 2% of market value of the car. For those who are afraid of all the offices - ... its really very simple in the appropriate window to look for appropriate form, fill it, and then calculate the lady in the window to pay the tax laws and sent to the cash register to pay and leave the office
tax liability applies to those who bought the car from a private person, usually the owner. However, If you bought your car on commission basis, the broker, as a legal entity is obliged to pay this fee.
to register your new property, you have a little more time - 30 days from date of purchase to return to the Department of Communications, where you must complete an application You must take with them the old number plates Apart from them, take: identity card, a contract of sale or other proof of ownership ... vehicle registration document with the applicable technical review - or - making a temporary retreat from the vehicle -, if the vehicle is delivered, Politics OC
important vehicle registration can take up to a month, and it will get a temporary period. registration card and new plates
Only 30 days notice that you have a previous owner of an insurance policy - unless, of course, was important at the time purchase -. During this time you should bring new and old comment in writing, or the nearest branch of the insurance company. What is important is the date of receipt of notification.
OC enter into a contract, the vehicle must already be registered for you.
To make it easier to compare offers, you can use the calculators available on the websites of insurance companies, or to contact us. Ask for calculating contributions to your e-mail.
You can also opt for additional insurance on the AC, if your vehicle has more than 10 years. Contributions then increases significantly, but you will sleep peacefully.
OC if contract over the phone or the Internet, pending the receipt of e-documents to take with you to confirm the conclusion of the policy, which will almost immediately receive an e-mail, every car trip.

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