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How does the transformation? | Biology

How does the transformation? While the majority of animal growth event that involves the whole body, so some bugs with firm skin, changing the outer layer of the body several times

While the majority of animal growth event that involves the whole body, so some bugs with firm skin, changing the outer layer of the body several times. Their bodies are growing and their skin becomes too tight, so he rejects the bug and creates a new one. This happens in the dressing larvae several times.
Metamorphosis in zoology marks the transition from animal forms in the larva form of adult animals.
When in the spring we see butterflies in flight, most of us marveled at the beauty of the color of its wings, where we do not pay much attention to his a small body. A long story of this organism.
When you open a butterfly egg, it went from small larvae - caterpillars, usually green or brown in color, in any case without wings. ago it becomes similar to the mother, will change the look and experience the full conversion, which is called transformation.
After he left the caterpillar eggs will go through three basic stages, which have clearly defined names: larva, pupa and insect developed. In first stage of the insect is very voracious.
After growing rapidly for some time larva lives in a cocoon, completely immobile, and not the food. This is the most important moment in the life of this insect, because of the time transformation occurs in the adult individual. not perceive only the transformation of insects, experience and some amphibians, fish and crabs.
When amphibians are found examples of a complete change. Frog, which initially only as a larva lives in water, later as an adult and living on the mainland. develop from eggs tadpoles that have all the characteristics of fish - just breathe through gills. growth, the gills are gradually lost, until only its inner part, and develop, first, the rear limbs, then the front, losing the tail and frog out of water. At the same time developing lungs and breathing adult frog emerges that begins its life on land.
These animals are the rest of the millennial history of the evolution of our planet - the transition of living beings from life in water to life on land. transformation happens and the sea. Fish list is born from eggs like other fish with one eye on each side of the body. How to gradually grow, her body gets a characteristic flat shape with eyes on one side of the body. time required for the transformation is not the same in all animals. For the transition from caterpillar to butterfly are sufficient three to four weeks. cockchafer lives as a larva three, sometimes four years. During that time living in the country, eating the young roots, which are continuously fed.

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