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Psychology of success to be successful

How to be successful? To be successful in anything, you sedržati određenihpravila. If you have no control over the situation, you will find it difficult to succeed in its goal uostvarenju says psychology of success ...

To bitiuspješni in anything, you have to stick to certain rules. Nematekontrolu If the situation is difficult that you will succeed in achieving their cilja.Neke of the following phrases, which is transferred Budi.In site, were abducted from a wide variety of folk wisdom, but the fact is that the fallen.
1 If you think something should be done to, do it yourself
Nobody better than you can do something that you just let you zamislili.Ako a job second, you will have more or manjekorigirati actions of that person. accept the job and the essential things obaviteosobno.
2 Do not delay what you can do now
Tomorrow is another day, which brings new problems and new responsibilities. If neštomožete do today, do not leave for tomorrow, because you sepretrpati job and start making mistakes. Willpower is an important factor koduspjeha.
3 If you have a few things that you think work, and you can not seodlučiti, do any
If torn between the washing of cars and going to the gym, often ćevam happen not to make any of these things, because the whole ćeteprovesti small eternity thinking about what the first učiniti.Donosite decision immediately, because even if they are wrong, you ćeteviše time for correction.
4 Always assume that you will succeed
No one has caught nothing, but that did not mean to go to his plight. If you have a negative attitude about something, do not even accept togposla. A positive attitude brings positive results.
5 If you can not change the situation, change the rules
There are a win-win situations that are extremely rare. stvaribaš If you do not go in your favor, change the rules. At least not seopterećivati, You can cheat a little and bypass some or regule. Drugimriječima, if the car went downhill, do not despair, but the way around.
6 Do not over-lamented,
simple act of a man only too Theorizing headache. razmišljatedrugi While you work, and when the sense of opportunity is unlikely to be there for you.
7th Do you try to explain their actions
The worst thing one can do is to pass the vlastitepostupke explanation, because its usually a sign of self-delusion and circumvent istine.Svi mentally healthy People are aware of why they do something, if you do not like tajrazlog, deal with it, do not invent false reasons.
eighth Listen to your intuition, but not her slave
Instincts are something that we have inherited from their ancestors . suslužili them for mere survival, and serve a similar purpose for us. onošto But we as a species evolved during the past century, is the intellect, panema reason not to combine with the instincts.

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