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Food pyramid concept

Nutritional Pyramid as a term for almost all ecosystems predstavljajako simplified abstraction, so it is closer to reality pojamprehrambena network.

Hranidbenapiramida as a term for almost all ecosystems is jakopojednostavljenu abstraction, so it is closer to reality pojamprehrambena networks to at least partially expressed kompleksnostrazličitih all modes of feeding.
The term food chain called seu ecology and ecotoxicology linear transmission of food preuzeteenergije population of organisms from one to the next, ie, when populations sejedna one that feeds her in that chain is preceded.
Species that feed on both plant and animal foods - the primjergalebi, pigs, chimpanzees or such that feed on as živimživotinjama but partly carcasses - eg, hyenas and lions nijemoguće clearly not involved in the scheme of the food chain nitiprehrambene network, which is real food network in the vast prirodivrlo complex formation.
addition , many species of life according to the developmental stage - many insects or by season - many birds are changing the composition of their diet. | |

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> Eastern Roman Empire History Najvažnijeje as in Byzantium preserved a large number of free peasants. This jekoristilo empire because when there is no farmer who does not pay taxes. Bizantje country with great culture.
Most powerful ruler of the Byzantine emperor Justinian was. They ruled od527. to 565th years after Christ. Justinians wars began in superstition, wished to restore the unity of the Roman Empire. He won the North Afrikui the presentday Italy to Ravenna. Justinian was important for tomešto was ordered to write down the Roman law. He ordered that all zakoniiz Roman state gather in a code named Justinijanovzakonik. The Code is a collection of law books which are in Latin kažekodeks Codex Iustinianum. It contained the laws, debates ... It jezakonik order to protect slavery. Special books relating nagrađansko right, especially in commercial law ... | Eastern Roman Empire Early Byzantine Empire Constantine Dynasty 306th to 364th Valentinian dynasty 364th to 378th Theodosius dynasty 378th to 457th Leon dynasty 457th to 518th Justinian Dynasty 518th to 602nd
Heraclius Byzantine Empire Dynasties 610th 711. Izaurijska dynasty 717th to 802nd Amorijska dynasty 820th to 867th Macedonian dynasty 867th to 1056th Komnenos Dynasty 1057th to 1059th Duka dynasty 1059th to 1081st Komnenos Dynasty 1081st to 1185th Dynasty Angel 1185th 1204. Dynasty Lascaris 1204th to 1261st Palaeologus dynasty 1259th to 1453rd
In 7th stoljećuse in Byzantium Latin leaves and goes to the Greek. And also takomalo by little disappearing slaves and order. Justinian jeunaprjeđivao Constantinople. From the 610th the 671st The power is došaoHeraklije. It is because of the danger to the whole country shared upravnejedinice or themes.
At the head of each topic is the emperors governorstrategist. The theme of Dalmatia was founded in Dalmatia, a strategist Fuck center of Zadar. Byzantine rulers took a lot of soldiers so they give a lifetime of possessions impočeli pronije. Gift pronija počinjepokmećivanje and serfs in the pair is called Byzantium. |

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