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Food pyramid concept

Nutritional Pyramid as a term for almost all ecosystems predstavljajako simplified abstraction, so it is closer to reality pojamprehrambena network.

Hranidbenapiramida as a term for almost all ecosystems is jakopojednostavljenu abstraction, so it is closer to reality pojamprehrambena networks to at least partially expressed kompleksnostrazličitih all modes of feeding.
The term food chain called seu ecology and ecotoxicology linear transmission of food preuzeteenergije population of organisms from one to the next, ie, when populations sejedna one that feeds her in that chain is preceded.
Species that feed on both plant and animal foods - the primjergalebi, pigs, chimpanzees or such that feed on as živimživotinjama but partly carcasses - eg, hyenas and lions nijemoguće clearly not involved in the scheme of the food chain nitiprehrambene network, which is real food network in the vast prirodivrlo complex formation.
addition , many species of life according to the developmental stage - many insects or by season - many birds are changing the composition of their diet. | |

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