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Organic farming scorpion venom

Škorpioniu carry strong, paralyzing poison, and some of the toxins affect samona insects and it is somehow the path to developing ekološkapoljoprivreda.

Škorpioniu carry strong, paralyzing poison - a complex cocktail otrovnihpeptida currently immobilize prey or enemies. Some odovih toxin affects only insects, but not naljude, which has inspired researchers at the University of Tel Aviv darazviju safe and environmentally friendly pesticide . I realized 20 years ago that the scorpion venom goldmine for possible insecticidal preparations iterapijske. It appeared how to use it in a way ekološkisiguran against insects on farms or with health conditions. He did not want to isolate the Israeli yellow scorpion sastavniceotrova, which is one kind of otrovnijihškorpionskih in the world, but has developed a genetic manipulation methods stvaranjai eager toxins in bacteria. explored njihovodjelovanje to insects and mammals, and opened the door to the possible use of upoljoprivredi.Guerevitz claims that certain neurotoxins from otrovaškorpiona very effective on insects such as flies, beetles, skakavcii moths that eat leaves of plants. However, the same neurotoxins djelujuna not beneficial insects such as bees or humans.

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