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Movie Black Swan, the content of the film Black Swan, Black Swan Ballet

Black Swan is the one dealing with the overwhelming social (ballet

In its most recent and award-winning film The Wrestler - Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky was able to critique the glamor and the audience so that they were faced with the human body exposed to self-mortification. Main character Wrestler as it is not was not a single character, but furrowed, mutilated body of the Mickey Rourke which revealed a landscape of boxing scars, wounds, bumps, and Botox. Black Swan Darren Aronofsky is in fact a similar movie. While The Wrestler dealt with the most vulgar of all branches of entertainment - wrestling, and Black Swan is the one dealing with the overwhelming social - ballet, and one in the second film are actually movies about professional body exposed to torture. Aronofskyjev psychological thriller set in New York City Ballet has an atmosphere, of course, beautiful scenery scenes. However, the viewer much more memorable scenes of the body exposed to physical trapnji: bandages, blisters, bruises and bloodied survivors soles. In Black Swan self-abuse of her body that conducts ballerina Nina - Natalie Portman is the only physical form of a wider and worse masochism: Nina, quite samurai , sacrificed herself to perfection and the catafalque drill. Aronofskyjevog thriller heroine is a young ballerina smiled that big occasion: an old star of troops - Winona Ryder is spent on departure, a young French choreographer Nina - Vincent Cassel offers a major role in Tchaikovskys set . Frenchman is the concept that black and white swan in the ballet dancer to dance the same, as a negative reflection of your own. pleased with how tame, perfect, disciplined Nina danced the White Swan. Erjavec and Gutman her, however, that the Black has no temper and passion. to Search opened its dark interior, what happens, though, and too literally. Nina sinks into a world of fantasy and imagination in which protrude from each corner of sexual threats and gruesome images. Her world is increasingly becoming psychotic delirium in which all women are a threat: first jealous, possessive mother - Barbara Hershey, and then a young, ruthless rival - Mila Kunis. Darren Aronofsky is a director whom I love. I love the Wrestler and Pi, Requiem for a Dream is one of my tops the American Film decade, and even in his notorious debacle Fountain of Life find something better out. Aronofsky is - however - the antithesis of todays dominant stylistic, maximalist in minimalist era, a man who cares not much whether you sew it to the pretentious and bombastic. Somewhere up half of Black Swan, you seem to play an effective thriller about a mental breakdown type Polanski. Aronofskom it was not enough so he loaded the movie in absolutely everything from adolescent jokes expressionist bags, everything counterparts and mirror images, simplified psicho, Jung, Freud and Borges. If someone after all this failed to grasp the point, Aronofsky him once all the draft final transformation scene, which was brilliantly staged, but still profoundly banal. In this scene, as if all the Black Swan. Aronofskyjev movie the created piece is great kitsch, part-time role, great Natalie Portman, the film with a number of interesting horror scenes and atmosphere of threat, but that goes away becomes all the more flashy declamation own messages, cinematic art for those who understand a little slower.

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